Website Design

JN Technology is able to build websites for any type of client from the ground up using a variety of tools, including Wordpress and custom HTML and CSS. Whether you are a local business that needs to expand on your current online profile or an artist looking to sell your goods online, JN Technology will be able to help build something to showcase you. For examples of work, check out the portfolio page!

Asset Design

If your brand is in need of a visual update or just need more assets for advertisements and social media presence, JN Technology is able to offer in house asset design. We have experience working with branding musicians and businesses, so you can be confident we can work together to make something you will be confident shows off your brand to the world. For examples of work, check out the portfolio page!

Search Engine Optimization

In today's society, in order for a business, artist, or brand to be successful, they need to be able to be Search Engine Optimized. This means going into the code of the website and applying relevant tags into the website, so that when potential customers or clients look into things surrounding your name or business type, your name and website will be at the type. JN Technology has worked with many local businesses, artists, and musicians to make sure that they are the top search result and we can help you too. Contact us on our contact page for more information!

Website, Email, and Hosting Setup

If you or your business doesn't know where to start with having a website online, need to have employee emails, or just want your website up as quickly as possible, JN Technology is able to offer website, email, and hosting setup. This comes free with any Website Design job that JN Technology takes, for free. Otherwise, use our contact page to learn more.

Website, EMAIL, and Hosting Management

JN Technology is able to offer management for your website, email, and hosting for affordable rates. With over 5 years of managing local business, artist, and musician websites, you can feel confident that we will keep your data secure and website online. By owning a high volume hosting plan, we are able to host and manage your website, so you can worry more about your business in the day to day, without needing to think about if your website is still online. For more information, please use our contact page!